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Docs-as-code is an approach to writing and publishing documentation with the same tools and processes developers use to create code. This philosophy has become more popular in recent years, especially in tech companies. Automatic link checking is part of this process, which ensures that writer’s changes are sound and safe to deploy. By setting the stage with a docs-as-code approach, technical writers can focus on what they do best: ensure that our readers get useful and accurate information that is easy to find, and our documentation speaks a single language.Besides following a docs-as-code approach, at Cloudflare we handle our documentation changes in public, in our cloudflare-docs GitHub repository. Having our documentation open to external contributions has helped us improve our documentation over time — our community is great at finding issues! While we need to review these contributions and ensure that they fit our style guide and content strategy, the contributions provided by the Cloudflare community have been instrumental in making our documentation better every day. While Cloudflare helps build a better Internet, our community helps build better documentation.Docs-as-code at CloudflareAt Cloudflare, we follow a docs-as-code approach to create and publish product documentation in Developer Docs.Such an approach involves different components. We use Git with a public GitHub repository to keep track of changes and to handle branching and merging. We rely on GitHub Actions and Cloudflare Pages for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD). Our continuous integration pipeline checks if the documentation builds successfully and if there are any broken links. Users, both internal and external, can preview the changes in each pull request, which means that collaborators don’t have to set up local environments to preview the changes they’re proposing. However, if they wish to do so, users can set up a local environment using open-source tools and create local builds of the documentation.Following this docs-as-code strategy has a few advantages. We use well-known workflows that technical folks use on a daily basis. This makes it easier to get feedback from engineers, while still being simple enough to get contributions from less tech-inclined people in the company and from the general Cloudflare com

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